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In this Science Nature Devotions, authors contribute to expand another people wisdom and knowledge as well as the scientific attitudes via their deep spirit of understanding in developing an advanced link between science and nature characters. Such applicable science nature is the core point in supporting the young talented scientists as well as ordinary people to focus their fruitful life in achieving something obviously associated with eternal life.

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[1]. Each author must clearly explain their thoughts with a very systematic style of writting including 1 or 2 illustration figures sustained the idea so that the wide ranges of readers would be able to understand it.

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  1. “Our Wisdom from Excellence SPIRIT, our knowledge from SMART works

With BEST wishes, EIC of Science Nature,

Assoc. Prof. H.I. Elim, Ph.D: 


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This Inventor Journal of SCIENCE NATURE was established since December 2018 in Indonesia, the unique country with about 17480 islands. We work based on the following motto:

“Our Wisdom from Excellence SPIRIT, our knowledge from SMART works

Archives of Science Nature Devotions

SCIENCE NATURE DEVOTIONS, vOL 1,1 2018 & vOL 2, 1 2019

The online NEWS are as follows:



[51].  101 INDONESIA Highly Cited Scientists in 2020 based on Google Scholar (The Detail PDF file)

[50]. 3 types of person on Earth: A Scientific Devotion

There are 3 types of person in this world:

[1]. A worker with perfect standard of God. Normally, those persons believe ONLY in GOD.

[2]. A very hard worker with high standard salary . They actually did NOT believe in any gods, except money/ salary & their enjoyable life.

[3]. A worker who believe both God and money. This type of persons are in general like high position status in society.

Which 1 is your type? Why ??
Could you realize your self ???





[49]. Daily devotion for EiC of Science Nature : the 5 scientific quality requirements .

Noted for those who want to improve their BEST WORK (PERFECT WORK):

We now receive MANY MORE papers than we can publish and therefore need to be HIGHLY SELECTIVE—publishing,

as BEST as can be predicted, the papers that provide :

[1]. Remarkable new discoveries,
[2]. Deep insights,
[3]. Influential theories or experiments,
[4]. Work that resolves big questions, and
[5]. Results that will interest a broad readership.

[48]. Building your research laboratory & research center as a mobile vehicle to improve science and technology development: “The 1st Webinar of Pattimura university held by Publication Management Center (PMC)-Unpatti” (watch the live video)


[46]. Corona Virus, Covid 19 (pestilence / plague) that was started from ~11 millions people city of Wuhan China since December 2019 has been world wide spread in about 150 nations with the total death of ~3.7% and survival patients who were healed after special treatment and observation in various hospitals of ~47.3% just in the last 3 months .

The best lesson here is that how to surrender your daily best life to the YaHWeH (God, the Healer, Psalms 91:3; 1-16).

Find out the updated world wide data of confirmed cases, number of death and total recovered patients from (Courtesy of John Hopkins ). 

[45]. The 57th birthday celebration of Pattimura university with an integrated support by about her 26,000 students from 9 faculties plus 1 postgraduate Institute was conducted with theme of Pattimura university for Sustainability cares” (it’s VIDEO)


[44]. The excellent output among Science Nature editors : “A discovery of Control System in the Interactions between Society 5.0 and Industry 5.0”

Congratulations to Prof G.S. Zhai & Assoc.Prof. H.I. Elim



[43]. A good example of integrative works in China:

About 1 hour charge simultaneously for ~375 different electrical cars for 10 hours operations, of course with the prize of roughly 4 times cheaper than gasoline.

It shall be pointed out that such system could protect your environment from air pollution .  (Please watch the detail video) 

[Xxxxii]. 5 minutes of your daily logic with God:

(1). As a scientist, can I create a plant that proceeds a pretty flower ?

(2). As a scientist, can I contribute a brand new tree that produces good fruits for the needy and the poor?

(3). As a scientist, can I realize the source personality of my invention of eternal laws in my products ?

[xxxxi]. The observation of circular rainbow located surrounding the moon of the earth on 10th December 2019 at about few minutes from ~22:13 pm to ~22:16 pm in the street of Kapitan Permata, Waitatiri, Suli village, Ambon island, Maluku province, Indonesia. 

Such observation was firstly reported in Science on 16th June 1938 observation of A.K. Lobeck of USA.

The mystery needs further detail investigation especially associated with natural science impacts on Earth living creatures.

[XXXx]. Writing your very important discovery needs an excellence grammar of your language. Recently, AIP of USA as one of prominent publishing company has announce on how they respected common editor as well as the experts to carry out their editing job of an international paper. The following are the two different qualities of editing depending on who will do it with two distinguished prizes based on the length of time .

[XXXiX]. Top Malaysia scientist in Energy Storage Materials, Prof Rajan Jose who has h index over 45 with citations more than 7000 is visiting Science Nature after an amazing quest lecture for physics students at Pattimura university.

[XXXViii]. Smart and intelligence devices based on a type of polymer prepared in low temperature and worked in room temperature has been discovered by Prof Paul A. Kohl from Georgia Institute of Technology. Such intuitive polymer was like a special force army. It will conduct it’s job either as sensor or flying devices and then it will disappeared by evaporating on air with part of it’s finger print dissolved in the land of target. 

[XXXVii]. Predicted for first time by R. Hoffmann and published in Tetrahedron journal in 1966, a Cyclocarbon or Cyclo[18]carbon with 18 carbon atoms that form a ring like structure is finally invented after 53 years mystery of it by a group of IBM scientist from Swisszerland and Chemists of Oxford university (K. Kaiser, et al.) using their scanning tunneling microscope. K. Kaiser, et. al. published their discovery on 15th August 2019 in SCIENCE magazine of USA.

[XXXVi]. A periodic superstructure was invented by a group of scientists in RIKEN, Japan. Their discovery was published in the following journal:

Park, J., Kim, J.-H., Bak, S., Tahara, K., Jung, J., Kawai, M., Tobe, Y. & Kim, Y. On-surface evolution of meso-isomerism in two-dimensional supramolecular assemblies. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 58, 9611–9618 (2019). doi: 10.1002/anie.201904290

Such superstructures on the surface of silver nanoparticles have their own identical mirror image which is good for catalysis and sensors in nanodevices.

[XXXV]. When the generation of young talented scientists have been being educated from one of the best high school in Indonesia located among ~534 high schools in Jakarta or ~117 government high schools in the city of about 20 millions people: “A Superfiber Workshop by using many types of plastics garbage in SMA Negeri 20, Jakarta, Indonesia”. 



[XXXiV]. How EAR help your excellent learning (watch the video)

At least there are 3 steps of hearing process to improve your excellency from mechanical sound to electrical pulses to your sensitive and accurate brain milion of neurons.

Spiritually, such message could be found in Holy Bible, for instance in Zech. 6:15b.

[XxXiii]. The best scientific journals in rank Q1 are about 10% based on SCOPUS data of 2018.

While the largest number of citation in a single paper published in Applied Physics Letters (APL) of AIP was published in 1987 about organic electroluminescent diodes with 11083 citations.

[XXXii]. The largest number of Science and Math competition among students in Maluku province was in 2019 with the total candidates of 1700.

Such successful improvement of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of Pattimura university in their excellent effords during the last 3 years has shown a dramatically increase of parents-students cooperation in preparing their kids for a better future knowledge and understanding in science and technology.

[XXXi]. The 2nd best Certificate of Excellence given overseas from Science Nature was for Dr. M.V. Reddy, the 1st  rank Asian scientist in the field of molten salt synthesis in his former research laboratory of nanobattery at National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore on 13rd May 2019. The following news was prior to our Science Nature Devotions:

[XXx]. Holy life of college students are necessary.

According to new report in Science on 24th May 2019 in it’s Volume 364 on page 711, because of high rate practices as high as 60% to 80% of premarital sex and multiple sex partners among college students in China, the HIV infected college students are increased about 30% to 50% even though there were many effort have been carried out by China government.

[XXiX]. Connecting your IDEA or NEVER: just like back in 2015 of “Publish or Perish” (19th May 2015, NATURE), and current of “Promote or Perish” (8th May 2019, AIP publishing) is a part of significant contribution to others. Recently, people need to value their idea to build another people and it is a social media tool that can be able to connect these all people around the world for a better knowledge and understanding in a certain important time.



[Xxviii]. Short and long term research quality indicator: H index is still scored higher than another measurement method:

[XXvii]. Outstanding Reviewer Award in a prestigious physics journal such as Physical Review Letters (PRL) is remarkable due to its very high quality knowledge scientiests of just 0.211 % or about 150 best referees from active ~71,000 from ~50 countries.

[XXVi]. The 1st Editorial Board who got the certificate of excellency from Science Nature in Boston, USA during a short scientific meeting among EIC of Science Nature, Dr. Elim and Prof. Tianhong Dai of MGH: Congratulations to Prof. Long Y. Chiang of UML.

[XXV]. Indonesia scientists have only about 3.13% Prof. based on her online Science and Technology Index (SINTA). 

While ~27.23% of Indonesia lecturers / assistant lecturers have not even qualified yet in SINTA index which recently quantified the scientific data from SCOPUS, Google Scholar, and Web of Science, respectively. 

[XXiV]. Writing, reading, and erasing with light in a very thin organic semiconductor: a new 21st century technology is a breakthrough work leading by a TU Dresden scientist, Prof. Sebastian Reineke. Their innovative research output was published in Science Advances 2019.

[XXiii]. When a scientist from eastern part of Indonesia delivered a frontier quest lecture at University of Indonesia, the best 1 in the whole Indonesia: “Contribution makes others greater”


[XXii]. Indonesia: a God Nature vs. a part of Korea pretty nature: “Deep understanding and distinguished knowledge”. The following illustration is a real fact extracted from comment and posting of some friends of our EIC using a well-known social media of Facebook:


[XXi]. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), in the next coming 31st years or by 2050, the world will have 4 strongest economy countries such as China, USA, India and Indonesia with their treasure (GDP) are 50,  34, 28, and 7.3 trilion USD, respectively. 

[XX]. 2 senior scientists in the field of Nanotechnology and herbal Nanomedicine from Indonesia, Dr. Arend L. Mapanawang and Dr. H.I. Elim are among 10 world class scientists to be keynote speaker based on the conference Theme: ” Navigating the Future of Nanomedicine & Nanotechnology “

on 20th to 21st March 2019 International Conference in New York City with about 20 millions people.

The following are the scientists marvelous talks and time:

(Watch The output VIDEO)

[XiX]. SINTA is Indonesia Science and Teachnology Index to evaluate the achievement of her researchers nationally and individually based on the research data in SCOPUS and Google Scholar. Moreover, the individual researcher index was calculated from H index (Prof Hirsch), G index (Dr. Leo Egghe), and i10 index.

[XViii]. How to check the existence of your paper doi number:

(1). Go to the URL of

(2). Write your doi number as appreared in your published paper without: the front here is an example:

[XVii]. Science AAAS 2018 Breakthrough : Cell by cell development from embryo. By using single-cell RNA sequencing of more than 92,000 single-cell transcriptomes of sebrafish in a day observation plus a sophisticated computational tools, a group of Harvard Medical School scientists led by Megason and Klein published on 1st  June 2018 Science magazine has discovered the understanding knowledge on how a cell by cell RNA science. 

The winner was a competition from 4 finalists with the highest votes is 35% from 12,000 voters.

[XVI]. Science Nature editorial board would like to welcome Prof Long Chiang from UML, USA to join Science Nature as the 11st from 5 continents scientists representative.



[XV]. Figure that talks, for example: 828 visitors from ~19 different countries.

[XiV]. Be careful with predatory publishers with the list of them, for example, as follows:

While the list of their journals content is in the following link:

[Xiii]. One of the oldest manuscript written about herbal supplements from fruits and leaves medicine was Holy Bible. The two prominent prophets who wrote the message were Daniel in Babylon kingdom and Ezekiel who was staying in the suburbs of the kingdom at the same time interval of ~2600 years ago [Ref. In Bible: DANIEL 4:12; Ezekiel 47:12]. The two major ancient scholars were about 2200 years before G.E. Rumphius, teacher and contractor who came from Frankfurt, Germany at his ~26 years old in 1652 in Ambon city, the spicies island in Maluku prefecture of  Indonesia. Rumphius was a herbarium scientist later on in Ambon who identified and wrote a series of herbal medicines . Such incredible history, culture and scientific style had given a good example to ordinary people in Maluku in particular to the international scholars who like to do a scientific journey in another unique unexplored country.

By H.I. Elim (Elim Heaven), a nanotechnology and Nanomedicine physicist from Indonesia.

[Xii]. The first English research text book published by Pattimura university press in her 55th years in the end of 2018 of “Hotumese (Growing in challenges and obstacles)” motto: Nonlinear Optics and the Frontier of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology written by the EIC of Science Nature with the total number of pages is 144. 

By H.I. Elim, a senior correspondent covering multidisciplinary science research.

[Xi]. The Beginning of Citation Index and the idea of Impact Factor (IF) was from E. Garfield, a scientific consultant in America dated on 15th July 1955 in Science Vol. 122, pp. 108-111 (1955). The following are the original paper of him and the on going scientific impact after such a long time of ~63 years.

By H.I. Elim, EIC of Science Nature

The best highly cited scientist / social scientist is 1:1000.

[X]. Pattimura university with the motto of “Hotumese”  meaning “Growing in Challenges and Obstacle” is the largest government university in Maluku and North Maluku provinces of Eastern part of Indonesia with 9 faculties plus 1 postgraduate institute consisted of over 22,000 students. This university was built on 23rd April 1963 with the area of ~192 hectare squares  by the approval of the 1st Indonesia president , Ir. Soekarno who graduated from the 1st technical institution in Indonesia called Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB, since 1920) .

By H.I. Elim, a young scientist of Indonesia from Pattimura university

[IX]. 2 Science Nature editors, H.I. Elim, PhD, and Dr. M.V. Reddy came on 16th November 2018 to serve the physics students of Manado State University (UNIMA) in Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia by contributing their frontier quest lectures in multitasking nanomedicine and it’s marvelous impacts , as well as physical properties of thin film battery, respectively. UNIMA is one of the largest government campus in Indonesia with the area of ~350 hectare squares and more than 30,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students from 7 faculties . The aim of such unconditional contribution from the prominent editors was to educate the students so that they may have a better future in expanding their wisdom and knowledge.

By H.I. Elim, Editor-in-Chief of Science Nature.

[VIII]. GOD with us, written in old testament of Holy Bible (Isaiah 7:14) as well as in new testament of the book of Matthew (Matt. 1:23): “The first flower of an insulin tree located in a nanomedicine garden of Pattimura university, Ambon-Indonesia” described HIM.

The other supraratio fact of the presence of 7 Spirits of God (for example written in Zech.3:9 and Rev. 1:4; 4:5 of Holy Bible) was observed in melati flowers with a very good fragrance.

By H.I. Elim, a correspondent author associated with Bible in Science for many years of unpublished works in the field.

[VII]. Hoverbike: a flying motorbike may be a hope for special force to handle many crimes in a traffic jam streets or a remote area. Recently, the first scorpion model of hoverbike is still having expensive price of ~$ 150,000. However, by improving the future nanobattery and Nanotechnology, the quality of saving energy storage and economy fabrication will be possible to be achieved.

By H.I. Elim, One of the editorial board in Science Nature.

[Vi]. The incredible of small islands in Maluku province of eastern part in Indonesia is the largest natural growth of banana trees among ~261 millions Indonesia whole people consisted of 130 million male and ~131 female people, respectively . Here is how the mathematics freshmen at Pattimura university guided by their general physics lecturer to use banana leaf as their living papers to work in a group of 3 to 5 people in order to solve such basic physics particularly associated with classical mechanics. Furthermore, the senior physicist of the university provided few simple oral test plus his explainations according to the students solution extracted from the university physics lecture note published in ~1996 among all the 19 groups of 95 students.

  1. By Author: H.I. Elim, Ph.D dated on 7th November 2018.

[v]. Mr President of Indonesia, Bapak Jokowi

opened the top leaders meeting of Indonesia Churches

On 24th October 2018

With the message that :

Indonesia is already an A  Grade Country in the world

due to her Unity in Diversity as follows:

(i). 714 tribes from ~17480 islands

(ii). ~1100 local languages in 514 regional prefectures

(iii). ~260 millions people in ~ 34 provinces

By H.I. Elim, an Indonesia physicist working at Pattimura university, Ambon, Indonesia.

[iv]. Located in the heart of coral reef triangle of the world, Maluku province with her capital city in a small beautiful island with its main city was built since September 1575, or 62 years after Portugese came to the city. The small islands province consisted of ~1340 small islands plus ~4 big islands are “God labs” (created not by man) for  future scientists to study the amazing things of their lack of knowledge. The following is just an example of her coral reefs and small fishes in Lubang buaya, Morela village in Leihitu prefecture (few tens km from Ambon city). In facts, it is estimated that 50% of world coral reefs types are located in Maluku, the spices provinces with ~600 kinds.

By ♥, Written by H.I. Elim (EIC of Science Nature).

[iii]. Sea woman (Syrene in Greek) is a unique creature of half man and half fish was first found in Ambon, Maluku province, Indonesia by Mr. Rumphius, the 1st herbal medicine scientist in Indonesia who came from Germany with Dutch when he was 26 years old. The following picture and it’s devotion drawn and written by Rumphius was put at the 2nd floor of Amsterdam Ford in ~1637 located between the first church in Indonesia built by Portugese and the first mosque in ~1414 (and was rebuilt in 1664) near the beach of Hila-Kaitetu village, Ambon island.

By H.I. Elim, and Prof D.D. Genske who helped translating the French message written originally by Rumphius, the 1st herbal medicine expert in Indonesia who came to Ambon when he was 26 years old.

[ii]. Multitasking lecture system using coupled of integrated mobile devices such as handphone and in focus, et cetera:

In this lecturing system, the main aim is to provide the best way of education in world remote areas such as small islands mainly exist in Indonesia country with about 17,480 small islands. In North Maluku and Maluku provinces, the eastern part of Indonesia only have about 1740 small islands or 1/10 of Indonesia numbers of islands. That was the reason why the video was recorded using half explanations in Indonesia language.

[i]. A Prominent Visiting Professor, Prof. Dieter D. Genske from the premier Martin Luther city (the place in which Protestant was started on 31st October in 1517) of Nordhausen, Germany will give 2 series of Quest Lectures about: (watch the VIDEO of his private talk with President of Pattimura university)

(1). “Cities and Global Warming” on 26th September 2018 at 9 to 11 am in the auditorium of Agriculture Faculty at Pattimura university, one of the biggest university in east part of Indonesia with over 20,000 students among 9 faculties plus 1 postgraduate study. These invited quest lecture is supported by at least 4 different research centers at Pattimura university and Faculty of Agriculture.

By H.I. Elim,  head of the 1st Nanotechnology Research Center and Innovative Creation (PPNRI) in the Eastern part of Indonesia located at Pattimura university.

(2). “Landslides” on 10th October 2018 at the 2nd floor of Rector building  at Pattimura university held at 9 to 11 am supported by Geology Engineering Department.


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