[43]. A good example of integrative works in China:

About 1 hour charge simultaneously for ~375 different electrical cars for 10 hours operations, of course with the prize of roughly 4 times cheaper than gasoline.

It shall be pointed out that such system could protect your environment from air pollution .  (Please watch the detail video) 

[Xxxxii]. 5 minutes of your daily logic with God:

(1). As a scientist, can I create a plant that proceeds a pretty flower ?

(2). As a scientist, can I contribute a brand new tree that produces good fruits for the needy and the poor?

(3). As a scientist, can I realize the source personality of my invention of eternal laws in my products ?

[xxxxi]. The observation of circular rainbow located surrounding the moon of the earth on 10th December 2019 at about few minutes from ~22:13 pm to ~22:16 pm in the street of Kapitan Permata, Waitatiri, Suli village, Ambon island, Maluku province, Indonesia. 

Such observation was firstly reported in Science on 16th June 1938 observation of A.K. Lobeck of USA.

The mystery needs further detail investigation especially associated with natural science impacts on Earth living creatures.

[XXXx]. Writing your very important discovery needs an excellence grammar of your language. Recently, AIP of USA as one of prominent publishing company has announce on how they respected common editor as well as the experts to carry out their editing job of an international paper. The following are the two different qualities of editing depending on who will do it with two distinguished prizes based on the length of time .

[XXXiX]. Top Malaysia scientist in Energy Storage Materials, Prof Rajan Jose who has h index over 45 with citations more than 7000 is visiting Science Nature after an amazing quest lecture for physics students at Pattimura university.

[XXXViii]. Smart and intelligence devices based on a type of polymer prepared in low temperature and worked in room temperature has been discovered by Prof Paul A. Kohl from Georgia Institute of Technology. Such intuitive polymer was like a special force army. It will conduct it’s job either as sensor or flying devices and then it will disappeared by evaporating on air with part of it’s finger print dissolved in the land of target. 

[XXXVii]. Predicted for first time by R. Hoffmann and published in Tetrahedron journal in 1966, a Cyclocarbon or Cyclo[18]carbon with 18 carbon atoms that form a ring like structure is finally invented after 53 years mystery of it by a group of IBM scientist from Swisszerland and Chemists of Oxford university (K. Kaiser, et al.) using their scanning tunneling microscope. K. Kaiser, et. al. published their discovery on 15th August 2019 in SCIENCE magazine of USA.

[XXXVi]. A periodic superstructure was invented by a group of scientists in RIKEN, Japan. Their discovery was published in the following journal:

Park, J., Kim, J.-H., Bak, S., Tahara, K., Jung, J., Kawai, M., Tobe, Y. & Kim, Y. On-surface evolution of meso-isomerism in two-dimensional supramolecular assemblies. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 58, 9611–9618 (2019). doi: 10.1002/anie.201904290

Such superstructures on the surface of silver nanoparticles have their own identical mirror image which is good for catalysis and sensors in nanodevices.

[XXXV]. When the generation of young talented scientists have been being educated from one of the best high school in Indonesia located among ~534 high schools in Jakarta or ~117 government high schools in the city of about 20 millions people: “A Superfiber Workshop by using many types of plastics garbage in SMA Negeri 20, Jakarta, Indonesia”. 


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