[XXXiV]. How EAR help your excellent learning (watch the video)

At least there are 3 steps of hearing process to improve your excellency from mechanical sound to electrical pulses to your sensitive and accurate brain milion of neurons.

Spiritually, such message could be found in Holy Bible, for instance in Zech. 6:15b.

[XxXiii]. The best scientific journals in rank Q1 are about 10% based on SCOPUS data of 2018.

While the largest number of citation in a single paper published in Applied Physics Letters (APL) of AIP was published in 1987 about organic electroluminescent diodes with 11083 citations.

[XXXii]. The largest number of Science and Math competition among students in Maluku province was in 2019 with the total candidates of 1700.

Such successful improvement of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of Pattimura university in their excellent effords during the last 3 years has shown a dramatically increase of parents-students cooperation in preparing their kids for a better future knowledge and understanding in science and technology.

[XXXi]. The 2nd best Certificate of Excellence given overseas from Science Nature was for Dr. M.V. Reddy, the 1st  rank Asian scientist in the field of molten salt synthesis in his former research laboratory of nanobattery at National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore on 13rd May 2019. The following news was prior to our Science Nature Devotions:

[XXx]. Holy life of college students are necessary.

According to new report in Science on 24th May 2019 in it’s Volume 364 on page 711, because of high rate practices as high as 60% to 80% of premarital sex and multiple sex partners among college students in China, the HIV infected college students are increased about 30% to 50% even though there were many effort have been carried out by China government.

[XXiX]. Connecting your IDEA or NEVER: just like back in 2015 of “Publish or Perish” (19th May 2015, NATURE), and current of “Promote or Perish” (8th May 2019, AIP publishing) is a part of significant contribution to others. Recently, people need to value their idea to build another people and it is a social media tool that can be able to connect these all people around the world for a better knowledge and understanding in a certain important time.

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