[Xxviii]. Short and long term research quality indicator: H index is still scored higher than another measurement method:

[XXvii]. Outstanding Reviewer Award in a prestigious physics journal such as Physical Review Letters (PRL) is remarkable due to its very high quality knowledge scientiests of just 0.211 % or about 150 best referees from active ~71,000 from ~50 countries.

[XXVi]. The 1st Editorial Board who got the certificate of excellency from Science Nature in Boston, USA during a short scientific meeting among EIC of Science Nature, Dr. Elim and Prof. Tianhong Dai of MGH: Congratulations to Prof. Long Y. Chiang of UML.

[XXV]. Indonesia scientists have only about 3.13% Prof. based on her online Science and Technology Index (SINTA). 

While ~27.23% of Indonesia lecturers / assistant lecturers have not even qualified yet in SINTA index which recently quantified the scientific data from SCOPUS, Google Scholar, and Web of Science, respectively. 

[XXiV]. Writing, reading, and erasing with light in a very thin organic semiconductor: a new 21st century technology is a breakthrough work leading by a TU Dresden scientist, Prof. Sebastian Reineke. Their innovative research output was published in Science Advances 2019.

[XXiii]. When a scientist from eastern part of Indonesia delivered a frontier quest lecture at University of Indonesia, the best 1 in the whole Indonesia: “Contribution makes others greater”


[XXii]. Indonesia: a God Nature vs. a part of Korea pretty nature: “Deep understanding and distinguished knowledge”. The following illustration is a real fact extracted from comment and posting of some friends of our EIC using a well-known social media of Facebook:


[XXi]. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), in the next coming 31st years or by 2050, the world will have 4 strongest economy countries such as China, USA, India and Indonesia with their treasure (GDP) are 50,  34, 28, and 7.3 trilion USD, respectively. 

[XX]. 2 senior scientists in the field of Nanotechnology and herbal Nanomedicine from Indonesia, Dr. Arend L. Mapanawang and Dr. H.I. Elim are among 10 world class scientists to be keynote speaker based on the conference Theme: ” Navigating the Future of Nanomedicine & Nanotechnology “

on 20th to 21st March 2019 International Conference in New York City with about 20 millions people.

The following are the scientists marvelous talks and time:

(Watch The output VIDEO)

[XiX]. SINTA is Indonesia Science and Teachnology Index to evaluate the achievement of her researchers nationally and individually based on the research data in SCOPUS and Google Scholar. Moreover, the individual researcher index was calculated from H index (Prof Hirsch), G index (Dr. Leo Egghe), and i10 index.

[XViii]. How to check the existence of your paper doi number:

(1). Go to the URL of

(2). Write your doi number as appreared in your published paper without: the front here is an example:

[XVii]. Science AAAS 2018 Breakthrough : Cell by cell development from embryo. By using single-cell RNA sequencing of more than 92,000 single-cell transcriptomes of sebrafish in a day observation plus a sophisticated computational tools, a group of Harvard Medical School scientists led by Megason and Klein published on 1st  June 2018 Science magazine has discovered the understanding knowledge on how a cell by cell RNA science. 

The winner was a competition from 4 finalists with the highest votes is 35% from 12,000 voters.

[XVI]. Science Nature editorial board would like to welcome Prof Long Chiang from UML, USA to join Science Nature as the 11st from 5 continents scientists representative.


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