When Herbal Blessing products are better than Love herbal of Stikes Halmahera

Herbal medicine or jamu (in Indonesia language) was based on natural products. Currently, modern scientists from Pattimura university have discovered that one of Herbal Blessing products based on Galoba/ Golobe / zingiberaceae fruit can handle fast, long term and stable toxic as reported in June issue 2019 of Science Nature, https://ojs3.unpatti.ac.id/index.php/sciencenature/article/view/1164 

When EIC of Science Nature pays a visit to the excellency of Head of Physics department, NUS, Prof. C.H. Sow

It was a marvelous visit on 15th May 2019 to the excellency of many creative integrated works of head of physics department, NUS, Prof C.H. Sow. 

During the last 4 years of his leadership works in the department, he has been conducting plenty of integrated works in education, research and creative supports for whole department students particularly to enhance their knowledge and understanding in physics and applied Nanotechnology.


The 2nd Certificate of Excellence of SCIENCE NATURE given overseas

Today afternoon on Monday noon on 13rd May 2019 at Nanobattery laboratory of NUS, the EIC of Science Nature gave the highest honor of Certificate of Excellence to research Prof. M.V. Reddy.

Congtatulation for the best achievement so far for this no. 1 Asian Scientist in the field of Molten salt synthesis  who had citions over 10,000 with h index of ~51 according to Web of Science from more than 156 international excellence papers.


The 2nd International Seminar on Language , Education & Interdisciplinary Research on 14th to 16th June 2019 from Ambon city of musics to Banda area of the world deepest sea

All are welcome (Usu Mae upu/ welcome Kings) in the city of many kings province of Maluku, Indonesia.

Output (posted on 23rd June 2019): the following video is an example of such incredible international seminar on language, education and interdisciplinary research in 3 different small islands of Ambon, Saparua and Molana in 3 different days from 14th to 16th June 2019 (Watch the video). It should be noticed that the seminar was moved from Banda island to Saparua historical city due to a bad weather.