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    “Our Wisdom from Excellence SPIRIT, our knowledge from SMART works

  2.  THE INVENTOR JOURNAL since December 2018
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  4. Science Nature is a frontier journal in natural sciences and its multitasking applications involving various interdisciplinary fields such as the character of nature, properties of scientific development, and the applications of natural engineering.

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Our Office:

Editor-in-Chief of Science Nature,

Assoc. Prof. H.I.Elim, Ph.D, (A Brief CV)

Jl. Ir. Martinus Putuhena, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Pattimura university, Poka, Ambon, Maluku, Indonesia 97233.

Email: editor.sciencenature@fmipa.unpatti.ac.ideditorsciencenature@gmail.com

This multidisciplinary frontier journal publishes at least 5 papers per issue every 3 months starting from this December 2018. Moreover, the issue of each Volume will be always released in March (3), June (6), September (9), and December (12).

In order to collaborate with another integrated system, we also incorporate our website in OJS3 system as follows: https://ojs3.unpatti.ac.id/index.php/sciencenature 

e-ISSN: 2654-6264 (NEW, dated on 29th October 2018, during the 90th celebration of “Sumpah Pemuda” at Pattimura university Campus leading by Maluku Province Governor, Ir. Said Asagaf.


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Publons which is linked directly to Web of Science (WOS)On the 2nd year of SCIENCE NATURE,

the INVENTOR JOURNAL has been evaluated by INDONESIA national publication standard (RISTEKBRIN): GARUDA 

With warm regards with love and joy,

Assoc.Prof. H.I. Elim, Ph.D

EiC of SCIENCE NATURE, http://sciencenature.fmipa.unpatti.ac.id/index.php/editor-in-chief-of-science-nature/

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EIC of Science Nature

Working based on the following official letter from Prof. Dr. Pieter Kakisina, S.Pd, M.Si, the owner of SCIENCE NATURE, and Dean of Faculty of mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA)) at Pattimura University

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