Indonesia researchers at least spent Rp. 1.241 trillion for their publication fees in Scopus / WoS journals

According to the research data of Indonesia researchers in Science and Technology Index (SINTA): the total numbers of active researchers are 131,686 divided into 4 levels of 5245 Professors, 27,145 Assoc.Prof., 46,680 senior lecturers, and 52,616 lecturers. 

While the others 49,300 assistant lecturers/ lecturers are not active in research yet.

Based on the 4 levels researchers in Indonesia, if each Prof. , Assoc.Prof., Senior lecturers and lecturer spents Rp. 20 million, Rp. 15 million, Rp. 10 million and Rp. 5 million annually for their publication fees in Scopus or Web (WoS) of Science journals, respectively then the total money they have to spend is ~Rp. 1.241 trillion. 

The local government already realised such inefficiency to contribute to Scopus/ WoS with a big amount of money overseas.

Editor-in-Chief (EIC) of Science Nature magazine, Assoc.Prof. Elim  suggested to government through this news to make a prompt decision in order to sustain regional journals in order to contribute to the world people from Indonesia researchers which are rich of natural resources.


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