The attractive beauty of Pattimura university among 1344 small islands

Pattimura university (UNPATTI, watch the video) is a prominent university in Maluku province of about 1344 small pretty islands.

UNPATTI has 9 faculties plus 1 postgraduate institute which is comparable to a faculty. While the number of whole students were ~24,000.

It was located in Ambon beautiful island with the place of the first Muslim mosque (~1400) in Indonesia as well as Christian Church (~1513).



When Herbal Blessing products are better than Love herbal of Stikes Halmahera

Herbal medicine or jamu (in Indonesia language) was based on natural products. Currently, modern scientists from Pattimura university have discovered that one of Herbal Blessing products based on Galoba/ Golobe / zingiberaceae fruit can handle fast, long term and stable toxic as reported in June issue 2019 of Science Nature,