Indonesia researchers at least spent Rp. 1.241 trillion for their publication fees in Scopus / WoS journals

According to the research data of Indonesia researchers in Science and Technology Index (SINTA): the total numbers of active researchers are 131,686 divided into 4 levels of 5245 Professors, 27,145 Assoc.Prof., 46,680 senior lecturers, and 52,616 lecturers. 

While the others 49,300 assistant lecturers/ lecturers are not active in research yet.

Based on the 4 levels researchers in Indonesia, if each Prof. , Assoc.Prof., Senior lecturers and lecturer spents Rp. 20 million, Rp. 15 million, Rp. 10 million and Rp. 5 million annually for their publication fees in Scopus or Web (WoS) of Science journals, respectively then the total money they have to spend is ~Rp. 1.241 trillion. 

The local government already realised such inefficiency to contribute to Scopus/ WoS with a big amount of money overseas.

Editor-in-Chief (EIC) of Science Nature magazine, Assoc.Prof. Elim  suggested to government through this news to make a prompt decision in order to sustain regional journals in order to contribute to the world people from Indonesia researchers which are rich of natural resources.


A successful meeting and discussion of National Physics Seminar on 5th Oct. 2019 at the 8th best university in Indonesia

In order to advance an improvement of physics understanding, University of Hasanuddin in Makassar, Ujung Pandang city of Sulawesi island as one of top 10 best university in the country did a national physics seminar entitled as “Actualization of physics in industry 5.0″ on 5th Oct. 2019 in physics seminar room with fully supported by Head of Physics department, Dr Arifin with the department infrastructure of a very good meeting devices and sound system (click to watch the highlight video).

The interesting idea was associated with a cooperation of two types of Indonesia prominent  scientists from West area to East area in Indonesia such as from Bandung institute of Technology (ITB) and Atomic institute of Indonesia (BATAN) as well as Pattimura university, Ambon, Tadulako  university in Palu and the host university of UNHAS with her neighbour, State University of Makassar.

Such broad band field of physicists ranging from astrophysicist (Dr. P. W. Permadi , experimental neutron system scientist (Ir. S. Giat), nanoscience physicist (Dr H.I. Elim), applied physicist (Dr D Darwis), theoretical  condence matter physisist (Prof Tasrief Surungan), and educational physicist (Dr. Khaeruddin) with the attendees of professors and students of about 200 have made an obvious general understanding and expert thinking to explore physics.

A devastated S wave type of earthquake in Ambon, Indonesia on 26th September 2019

On 26th September at ~8:46 AM in Ambon, Indonesia was happened a big earthquake with Richter scale of 6.8 located about few km in Kairatu village of West Seram island, the largest island in Maluku in which a complicated rings of fires of the earth is near there. According to the Indonesia BMKG news, at least about 613 series of earthquakes happened soon after the largest one in the next 3 days. The number of victims of unpredictable natural disasters made over 30 victims who lost their life due to broken local housings . The followings are some pictures taken from society sharing in social trusted media:

The attractive beauty of Pattimura university among 1344 small islands

Pattimura university (UNPATTI, watch the video) is a prominent university in Maluku province of about 1344 small pretty islands.

UNPATTI has 9 faculties plus 1 postgraduate institute which is comparable to a faculty. While the number of whole students were ~24,000.

It was located in Ambon beautiful island with the place of the first Muslim mosque (~1400) in Indonesia as well as Christian Church (~1513).